The ‘SRO’ series chains offer a value-priced sealed O-ring chain that won’t compromise on quality or durability. Features include lightening holes on the inner plate, heat treated steel, and the same high level of craftsmanship EK puts in their entire complete range.


EK 525 O-Ring Chain 124 Link

The DEX Series offers the benefits of a sealed Quadra X-Ring (QX-Ring) chain while keeping budget in mind. Achieved by matching EK’s proven heavy duty chain links with the premium QX-Ring sealing technology.


EK 525 QX-Ring Chain 124 Link


EK 525 QX-Ring Chain 124 Link – Gold

The SRX2 series from EK is touted as the ultimate sportbike chain. With the now second generation featuring lightening holes and design updates that improve friction reduction. The QX-ring seal allows this chain to achieve between 1.5-2 times longer life than a standard O-ring.


EK 525 QX-Ring Chain 124 Link


EK 525 QX-Ring Chain 124 Link – Gold

With a tensile strength reaching 11,100lbs, the ZVX3 is the strongest chain on the market. Sealed with the most advanced NX-ring (Narrow X-Ring). The ultrastrong ZVX3 range has an increased life of 15% over the previous generation ZVX2. Suitable for 1000cc+ street and track bikes, or for applications where maximum strength and chain life is desired.


EK 525 NX-Ring Chain 124 Link


EK 525 NX-Ring Chain 124 Link – Gold


EK 525 NX-Ring Chain 130 Link – Gold


Less Weight + Less Friction = Longer Chain Life. Research and development at EK Chains have always focused on creating technological breakthroughs.